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Hypnosis for Smoking, Weight, Confidence, Self Esteem, Fears, Stress, Anxiety, Sports, Worry, Forgiveness, Goals, Study Habits, Procrastination, Motivation, Better Sleep, Resistance to Change, Exercise Motivation, Portion Control & so much more.

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136 reviews
  • Stephanie·

    5 years ago I came to Tammy for help with quitting smoking. Within 2 sessions, I threw out my vape and kicked my bad habit for good. No cravings followed and I am happy to say 5 years later, I am tobacco free. I returned to Tammy once again for help with my anxiety, fears, and constant worrying. The negative thoughts regarding life were starting to affect me in ways I did not want. I requested a consultation and I am pleased to say, it was as if no time had passed. Tammy knew I needed her help again. After my first session I noticed a decrease of approximately 80% in my negative thinking and constant worrying. I was happier! I just completed my second session and can not explain the complete change in my thinking and overall happiness. I refused to let my thoughts control me any further. Tammy is a miracle worker! This is my second time seeking her help. The first time we met in office and now the sessions are through zoom which I believe to be more relaxing. I get to lay in the comfort of my own home and enjoy the sessions in a more relaxing atmosphere. I urge anyone with anxiety, fears, or smoking habits to reach out to Tammy. These sessions will change your LIFE! Thanks Tammy again for everything!

  • Simone Yeadon·

    I had 4 sessions with Tammy for anxiety and stress. I found her to be very effective and caring during our sessions. I learned how to relax and have had no panic attacks since I started my sessions. Thanks Tammy!

  • Julie·

    I would definitely recommend Tammy for hypnotherapy. I've done 3 sessions and I'm accomplishing my goal to quit smoking. With the sessions she gives you mp3's and material to read which is a big help.

  • Shamane·

    I had 4 sessions with Tammy along with some mp3's to work with. She's very skilled and I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions. I highly recommend her.

  • Michele·

    I had 4 sessions with Tammy to overcome my fear of driving on highways and bridges, and she definitely helped me to accomplish this goal! I am forever grateful to her. Tammy is a true professional: prompt in her responses to all my many emails and questions, and always on time to our sessions.

    But most importantly, she was extremely able and willing to tailor each session to meet my unique needs and requests. Between appointments, my subconscious would offer me material to be used in the next session. I would email this material to Tammy, and she would incorporate it into the hypnosis after beautifully elaborating upon it using her deep intuition. She welcomed all my requests, and it was a beautiful creative process of teamwork!

    Tammy is highly creative, flexible, professional, reliable, skillful, intuitive, dedicated and sincere. I recommend her without reservation. Thank you, Tammy, for getting me back in the driver's seat!

  • Donagh·

    I was skeptical about hypnotherapy but when i ran out of solutions i gave it a try to help treat insomnia. 3 treatments into a 6 treatment schedule and i am sleeping normally almost every night and have had no sleepless nights. I am now a believer.

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